Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer

Passing of a Champion

From a eulogy written by his daughter:

“My father was a historian. Looking back at his life, it is easy to see where he left his own mark for the history books. His undefeated Tae Kwon Do championship titles in Korea, his work as the Chairman of the 1993 World TKD Championships at MSG that directly impacted the IOC’s decision to adopt Tae Kwon Do as an official Olympic Sport. He was a torch bearer as part of the relay that brought the Olympic flame to Seoul in 1988. He lived an impressive life. But it is the man behind these honorable mentions who I knew as my father - a kind, generous, and sincere man who impacted and improved the lives of so many. A true Tae Kwon Do giant, he was from a pioneering generation who brought the sport around the world, creating community, and paving the path for generations of masters and thousands of students behind him. To me, he was a man of few words, but his spirit, guiding principles, and strong presence in my life made me who I am today. He is with God now, may he Rest In Peace.”